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What if the US and Russia had a nuclear war?

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What if the US and Russia detonated their four,000 nuclear warheads?




38 thoughts on “What if the US and Russia had a nuclear war?

  1. So a nuclear war would basically reverse global warming LOL and reduce the population to a manageable level and allow everyone to live the way they want to without so many laws because no one would be able to enforce them we would basically be better off in my opinion

  2. The reality is very few humans would survive. Most large mammals would die out as would large birds. Some fish would be ok and many insects and some small mammals. Human Population levels would be back to those of 80-100,000 years ago. The planet would recover. Mankind would struggle for thousands of years but would probably recover and rebuild.

  3. This why am very scared whenever Trump starts shit about Russia. Listen we can afford to loose how lives and that of the rest the world. Just because of America and Russia. Let there be peace

  4. We the people of earth. The earth is our home. We the people of Earth can join together and make Countries like Russia and America destroy these terrible nuclear weapons. This can only be done if we the people of earth join together and save mankind.

  5. It would be pointless, not only do you destroy the enemy, but you destroy humanity and life on this planet, like innocent civilians and animals had anything to do with anything, just because politicans dont get along, I say put politicians into a boxing ring and let them fight.

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