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24 thoughts on “The best Roku you can buy

  1. Ultra is the best. Stick is garbage. My friend works for Roku and mentioned customers are pissed that the stick package does not have headphone port on remote, but decided to have the feature go to your smartphone? LOL SMH

  2. The best search in the business? No… Sorry. When you are on YouTube and just want to on YouTube only, your voice search actually brings results from all the apps, not just YouTube. That's annoying and aggravating.

  3. Yep… I have the Ultra and love it… in fact, we have 2 Ultras between all the free channels on the Roku and Sling service we get more channels than we can watch for under $50 a month. The only way to go.

  4. I have a 12 Year Old TV with the HDMI Ports I got the regular stick very good but not so good on the Contrast but pretty Snappy & Decent Images I think Express wouldn't done me better as I don't have 4K TV's but 1080P is just as good

    maybe soon I'll drop everything & get a Roku TV(where Analog Television is still possible)

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