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47 thoughts on “QUEEN: On The Road / News of The World (1977)

  1. Не поняла почти не чего! Просто наслаждалась его волшебным голосом! И обваражительной улыбкой, и такими манящими глазами!!!! Фредди ты вечность!!!! Россия тебя любит!

  2. There is no way Freddie did not have a signing teacher, the teachers in India were taught by the British which might explain part of the equation because most of the British had to stay in India with their families before the separation.or before India kicked them out.

  3. Well, I just learned the closest I ever came to Queen was December of 1977. Unfortunately I was 11 years old and hadn't discovered them at that point. As far as I know that was their last concert in Atlanta with Freddie.

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