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36 thoughts on “How to make SOUL FOOD

  1. Hey brother watched a lot of your videos and super amazed at how well you cook

    I am however hoping you can answer a question for me, even though I leave the chicken frying for up to 20 minutes, the crust will get dark but in the chicken near the bone it still bleeding

    I’ve tried twice, unless I do boneless, it keeps on turning out like that I don’t know what to do

  2. I learned from my VA maternal and SC paternal family and I’m back to copy your fried chicken recipe, because it was some of the best I’ve ever seen!

  3. I always put more cornmeal than flour. Why? Did the Native Americans have wheat flour? No they had corn flour and of course other methods of leavening were used. such as birch ash etc… Basically the corn wheat ratio can be switched around for a more crumbly flavorful cornbread.

    Baked macaroni and cheese Cheddar, Swiss (gruyere) and Gouda. pasta cooked al dente or slightly less, put into an ovensafe bowl or casserole, chopped/chunked cheese mixed in, mil or cream/milk added (no flour necessary that is just too much starch especially because you can top it with bread crumbs), stir, and top with cheese and optional bread crumbs and bake! So much more exciting than bechamel/white sauce.

    actually cook the bakon down otherwise you have soft fat strips in the greens. ESPECIALLY if you have kids there.

    I never boil ribs, buuuuuuut you can meinate in beer!!!! tenderizing can be performed by sasoning and adding the beer. and oven grilling/broiling is a great idea.

    Freeze the pork stock, after portioning it off, as it can be used for many things!!!

    Rice cooker scoop LOL It does make a great soulfood scooper outter LOL

    Seasoning? pepper, Collards, mustards, and turnips are all used in soulfood, and kale is frome the same family. Though you would be fighting most traditionalists. Black eyed peas… I always work with dried ones rather than the canned variety. But if I do use canned anything I doctor it up 🙂

    In all, I would say that you did a great job. My commennts were just to give more ideas. You made me hungry. I have to get a mount for my camera so I can better film my recipes. But if you are interested checkout my Facebook page, searchable with @AtTysonSonChefCoq (it's a French word play, literally Let's stir up one's chef cockerel, as in that is to say excite the chef cook).

  4. Why is he making soul food I don't know why I'm just mad I shouldn't be mad but I mean I'm sorry and people who are mad at me they deserve to be mad at me I shouldn't be mad I'm like like a really sorry and I know I'm acting dramatic and like I'm probably annoying all the people in the comments but yeah I'm just going to leave this video

  5. Give a shot of worscestershire and a tsp of prepared mustard in your cheese sauce for extra yum, and to take it over the top put a few panko crumbs, freeze dried chives and bacon bits in the cheese topping for insanely good mac and cheese.

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