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50 thoughts on “How to Make a Margarita | Cocktail Recipes

  1. When you drink a Margarita you can clearly taste the tequila, but I wonder, what is the idea behind the drink, is it supposed to taste most lime or most orange (Cointreau) or a mix between the two?

  2. He is a bit cocky..But apparently there is a major "art" to shaking a drink..that involves your core and all this stuff…there are ppl who get really into it..My brother owns a couple High end whisky bars…and he is super picky about his bar tenders he can spot who is a master at their craft and who isn't. They take a lot of pride in the art of making a fantastic drink..They are very passionate about it ….My only critic was that there was more ice in the glass than drink 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey, i just want to say i really enjoy your videos, i really enjoyed the Tom Collins video as well, i like how you made this margarita, absolutely perfect✌🍹

  4. I mix 1 gallon bucket margarita from liquor store and 1 750 ml bottle of teq killa called Juarez silver and Spend only $15 dollas for an endless night of streaking naked fun down the neighborhood. Good and Cheap. Recipe from Local Mexican hotspot.

  5. Nope! Instead, garnish with a Florida orange wheel. Lime in the drink but orange for garnish. Gotta be a real Florida orange as they are the sweetest. No navel, brazilian, or cali fake oranges. Try it!

  6. 100 agave isn’t meant for cocktails the ones that aren’t are te ones and they are not bottom shelf tequila it just means that is for mix drinks and won’t cause a hangover

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