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35 thoughts on “Dymez Vs Nems Round 1 Lionz Den 3 Dvd

  1. @emericaclay1: There's a lot of Fight Klub battles that haven't been released: Iron Solomon vs Yung ZM, 40 Cal vs Reign Man, Serius Jones vs Math Hoffa, Iron Solomon vs Locksmith, Reed Dollaz vs T-Rex, NEMS vs Eddie Morris, Hollow vs Cortez, Rex vs Lux, Murda Mook vs Verse, Murda Mook vs Arsenal, Scott Free vs Cortez, and A LOT MORE! Who ever owns the rights to these battles is sitting on a fucking gold mine! Wish they would release all the battles…

  2. where the proof of that record only two fight klub video came out they holding the other battles for god know what… there dumb so much money fight klub could of made they had tv deals dvd sales… now what could of been the ufc of battling

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