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29 thoughts on “Cover Yourself Up/ by Fred & The Genius AHAYA (Hebrew Israelite Music)

  1. All praises Bro, yes they need to cover themselves up and not in some skinny fitted or suckling on clothes it needs to have room let's get some respect from our brothers and men on a hole. I have been ask so many times by both sex aer you a rasta all because of how I dress I get my due respect from men in the street and that has been going on from I was a young girl l am now 60. I am really happy for these teaching you are giving through your music please don't ever stop because you are protected by TMH in Christ Yashaya. Shalom.

  2. I understand the message you are conveying, but in all honest it does not matter what a woman wear if a man has the spirit of lust or living in sin. A woman can dress modest with jeans and a t-shirt, long loose fitted dress, skirt with blouse etc……women are being raped, molested, tortured, abused just for being women…..js. Focusing on TMH is all we need in our life because unrighteous men face stumbling blocks because they don't focus on Yah.

  3. as a 18yr old with the knowledge of who i am as the chosen, its so hard tryna find a young woman who's likeminded and woke enough to dress & accordingly smh , damn this generation lol . i wish it was that easy. cant wait until i meet my queen

  4. Dearest Brethren,
    We invite you to join our quest for the only Historical Gathering of the Hebrew Israelite Nation (throughout the Four corners of the Earth), for the completion of the 400th year in Captivity!
    We understand that we must stand in account the reasoning on why we went into captivity and the ere of our ways. We must ask for forgiveness.
    (Seats are filling fast)

  5. Real Talk! It's called Respect!
    Kan I love this one tooπŸ’›
    May TMH keep the music rolling until we can get out of this place..
    I cant wait to go take a ride just to bump this😁
    On the real tho my husband had a whole radio system put in the truck just to bump this truth music which is so much more better then the worldly musicπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ‘‘

  6. MHCB you the family my brother. Pray sisters listen to the words of the song. Thank you Abba we are your daughters and we just can't dress no any way. May our Father continue to pour out his BLESSINGS on the family and you

  7. All praises, honor, and glory to the Most High God AHAYAH bahashem YASHAYA wa RUWACH!!! Kingdom blessings to you Brother and your family! Another glorious musical tribute to TMH and the Children of Israel!!!

  8. 1 dislike…. I wonder who could dislike something that speaks to common sense…Anyway.. Blessed message right on time Ahch… Qam Yash-Ahla to the real sisters who receive this in love and to the brothers that truly teach it..

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