Thy Law Is The Truth

Cop Fired After Pulling Black Teen Over For Dating His Daughter

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What number of occasions i preserve warning our younger brothers?

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31 thoughts on “Cop Fired After Pulling Black Teen Over For Dating His Daughter

  1. Becky's head ain't nothing like a sista's. I mean really that's the only reason why we deal with them is for that reason and they s submissive. Yes I did experiment with them. but worrying about a charge while getting your stroke on is not worth it.

  2. I don’t know why this young man just didn’t take his ass in the house and let that girl and her damn dad figure that out! Bet if that were… never mind!

  3. This is how bold people of authority are; they do stupid things with the cameras still rolling just knowing that won’t anything happen to them! Now, on the other side of this, why do black men continue to do what will not change; date white women that’s part of a family that don’t like black people!

  4. The cop is sick in his head. People can date who they want to this isn't slave days anymore. Smmfh how people have so much hate and black are the one's that was in slavery I dont understand this world

  5. You can get killed over a black girl to. Brothers been killing each other over women since the beginning of time. Black white whatever, the stuff can be dangerous. You cant stop young lust.

  6. Shut up, date who you want. You can fight the law of attraction. Yes people will always try anddo you wrong. Fight for your right or they will bully you forever. Good job kid, you did nothing wrong.

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