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48 thoughts on “Americans Try Southern Food For The First Time

  1. The only thing you mentioned that is actually good (as a real southerner) is ham…the rest is garbage that southerners don't eat…I learned of boiled peanuts from a Vietnamese man who said that it was common in Vietnam. If you really want true southern food you should've tried delicious collard greens, cabbage or cornbread and butter beans….yeap, I'm a southerner/vegetarian😊

  2. I’m from the south and I never eat any of that stuff. What’s liver mush? Where’s the chicken and dumplings? Where’s the fried chicken? Where’s the biscuits and homemade gravy? & truly how sweet is your tea? Where I’m from it’s sweet enough to give you diabetes😜☺️💜

  3. Born and raised in Arkansas 🙋🏽‍♀️Iv never heard of liver mush , sounds absolutely disgusting, and I think I have eaten one moon pie ever and don’t like them. I didn’t know they were a “southern” thing, just and old Little Debbie type snack cake. They definitely should have had sausage gravy with their biscuits, and probably chocolate gravy?? Iv only had it once and I’m not a fan but it’s only found in the south I think. Lots of other foods too, skillet cornbread, black eyed peas/hoppin John, greens, fried catfish, fried chicken, pimento cheese, deviled eggs. Ofcoarse Cajun and TexMex are also southern foods too

  4. this should be called entitled liberal hipster retards eat what other liberal hipster dufuses consider southern food…. then comments from idiots who live in the south that think biscuits and gravy are only a southern thing.

  5. I was in southern North Carolina and asked for an unsweetened ice tea. The watriess was like " oh hunny you ain't going to find unsweetened tea in this restaurant or anywhere near by". Me…ok I'll just have a diet coke?

  6. Get rid of the liver mush. Substitute fried chicken, fried catfish and some good southern BBQ.
    Sides of mac & cheese, shrimp with grits, sweet potatoes, crawdads and the okra should be fried.
    Deserts, pecan pie, mud pie ,peach cobbler and bread pudding.

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